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Welcome to my page about ‘Digital Footprints’. 

A ‘Digital Footprint’  is the data trail left by the interactions in a digital environment; including the use of Television, mobile phones and the internet.

Basically if you are walking around with one of those devices above, each step you take is leaving a Digital Footprint’. This is because no matter where you are with one of these devices someone, somewhere knows what you are doing, saying, or simply where you are. 

This rubric below is explaining how to make a blog, a quality blog. The thing is, the class had to have the same rubric. The process of making this rubric was… we got into groups and decided where each  sentence went, then all the groups got together, and decided all together again where everything went.



2 thoughts on “Digital Footprint…

  1. Emma,
    great work!
    Congratulations on achieving all of the criteria for blogging so far.
    I really enjoyed visiting all of your pages. You are setting a great example for others to aspire to. Keep up the fantastic work!
    Mrs Kane.

    1. Hi Mrs Kane,

      Thanks for the comment! I enjoy blogging and I think I use my time wisely while doing tasks for the blog. I think that is why my blog is so up to date.I didn’t know that I was setting a good example for others.

      Again thanks again for the comment!

      From Emma

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